Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Android latest SDK: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Since the latest Android SDK revision (22) it is possible to get java.lang.ClassNotFoundException or other unexpected errors with Eclipse, for instance when making use of one Android project in another Android project.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cloud Endpoints + JPA: failure in checking if entity exists

After defining some entity classes to be used by JPA for persisting data in Google App Engine I auto-generated some Cloud Endpoint classes (for Google Cloud Endpoints), via the Google App Engine SDK, to be used in an Android application. However, it turned out to be a sad out-of-the-box experience due to new entity instances having a null ID.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tabata Trainer - Android App

Today I released my first Android application, Tabata Trainer.
Developing this app has made learning Android development a very pleasant experience, while at the same time adding something new to the mobile ecosystem.

This app aims at providing a way for Tabata practitioners and general sports fans to do their exercises in an appropriate and automated timely manner. It also provides the ability for users to define/plan their own training exercises and times. More features are planned for next releases!

Tabata Trainer - Aplicação Android

Hoje lancei a minha primeira aplicação Android, Tabata Trainer.
Desenvolver esta app tornou a minha aprendizagem de desenvolvimento Android numa experiência muito agradável, ao mesmo tempo dando algo de novo ao ecossistema de aplicações móvel.

A app permite aos praticantes de Tabata e desportistas em geral fazer os seus exercícios cronometradamente, de forma apropriada e automática. Fornece ainda a possibilidade dos utilizadores definirem/planearem os seus próprios exercícios e tempos de treino. Mais funcionalidades estão previstas para esta aplicação!